USB Flash Drive FAT32 vs NTFS

I wasn't sure if this topic should go in other hardware or HDDs and SSDs but anyway on to my question. I know FAT32 has a file size limit of 4GB but which is faster? FAT32 or NTSF?

Well, the another difference is that the NTFS does journaling (which FAT32 does not).  So that means a little bit more overhead in the processor (but not much, and the journaling time should be much less than the actual I/O time, so it isn't noticeable).  NTFS also takes up a bit more space, so there will be a little bit less usable space fresh after formatting (we're talking about the journal, and also the extra metadata, which in any case, doesn't amount to much, unless your handling a lot of really small files).

However, if you're going to be formatting a computer hard drive, in this day and age, I'd completely recommend NTFS.  The journaling mechanism is pretty much included in all major modern filesystems, and for a good reason (they help prevent file corruption, among others

Besides, the 4 GB filesystem will really nag you, if you try to store a big HD movie, or ISO file. I'd only use FAT32 for small pendrives (4, 8 GB, maybe 16), but after that, the filesize limit can become cumbersome.

Ok but which is faster, FAT32 or NTFS?

Use ExFat.

just go NTFS, i thought it was a bit quicker ever since i changed. and yeah sanctum is right about it being more reliable

"However, exFAT should be a true competitor to NTFS on flash-based systems with limited processing power and memory. NTFS on flash memory has been known to be inefficient for quite some time. exFAT’s smaller footprint/overhead makes it ideal for this purpose. Of course, only if your definition of “ideal” allows software to be proprietary and not open source."

Does this mean I won't be able to use any files on my flash drive on any other PCs? Or am I misunderstadnig something? And no one has answered which is faster either.