USB external JBOD 3.5 enclosure


I am looking to develop my backing up and archiving method, Im am not looking for a NAS for various reasons, mainly that they are too slow for my use case.

My main issue is, nobody really does these "passive" JBOD enclosures anymore, everyone is obsessed with NAS.
there are a few online but they are from unknown manufacturers so I am not sure ...

I did see some by ICY BOX

However ICYBOX seem to have scattered reviews on reliability and noise which isnt what I want to hear from something that will be holding 16,000+ Gigabytes of my life.

So does anyone know of any enclosures that would meet my needs?

What I need

• 4 bay enclosure
• Not network attached
• USB 3.0 or newer interface
• Support for at least 2-4TB individual HDDs
• reputably brand with reviews
• Nice aesthetics (this is going to be on my workstation desk)
• Quiet
• No need for RAID