USB drive has been blocked due to "the current security policy" trying to install Debian HELP

Since yesterday i try to install Debian but the laptop gave me "USB drive has been blocked due to the current security policy" all the time. . The only thing i successfully did is install windows 8 .Right now i download ubuntu-gnome again see if i can install it successfully.Does anyone have seen this? i see this for the first time

Note:Very rarely i come to this stage but i want to throw the laptop out of the window if it doesnt work and i cant disable Secure boot or change the boot order.

What gives you this message? The bios/UEFI, Windows or Linux itself?

bios. When i try to boot from the usb.

If you can't disable secure boot then I don't think you can install it. also why cant you change the boot order?

Is there a password on the bios?

Since day one the only thing i could do in the bios is set bios password , hdd password and change the time. Every time i wanted to install second OS i was entering the bios boot from the windows advance (settings?) i cant remember the name correcly xD

Is that a x86 device?


What labtop is that?

I meant as opposed to ARM.

On x86 (32 or 64 bit) devices, it was illegal in Windows 8 days to lock down secure boot.

Install a distro that uses a shim based on Microsoft keys, see if that works (Fedora, OpenSuSE, etc...). If you can get any GNU/Linux installed, you can use that pry open the entire system, delete the reserved partitions, load new keys, etc...

This far i have installed Ubuntu-gnome/ubuntu/ubuntu-xfce on the laptop.

Yes Ubuntu uses the Fedora shim too, it can install on a Microsoft-key-secure-boot device. Debian doesn't use the Fedora shim though, if you can't load the Debian keys into the UEFI key database, and if you can't disable secure boot, you won't be able to install Debian on the device.

-____- i cant do what ever i want on my own laptop. I hate that.


This secure boot nonses is in all laptops?.

Nope, it's illegal to put it there on x86 machines under the old regulations that were deposited at the Library of Congress, but since then, they've changed it, and now on more modern machines it's allowed. It's still pretty limited though, basically that I know of, only new Microsoft branded devices and devices delivered with Windows with Bing in the US.

It's illegal outside of the US to lock down the system entirely without option for the user to unlock it. In the EU, there is even explicit legislation in the making that will prohibit any hardware to be delivered with a mechanism that locks down the software, with the exception of specific devices that contain radios or have access to the radio spectrum.

Can i fix this in someway?.I'm kinda newbie on linux i use linux for 4-5 months.

As long as you keep it a secret what Brand and Model your laptop is no one will be able to find a sollution (in case there is one)

I think that's it.

ok i can boot ubuntu but i want debian xD

Yeah.. the post was withdrawn before.. and I thought I am blind :P

Well lets see if there is anything on the webs about that model...

Yes, ubuntu includes a signed boot-loader that is "allowed" to boot.
uhmm.. ubuntu is 85% debian or so, by the way

My findings on how to turn off secureboot for acer stuff:

Open the notebooks section... plz tell me if it worked