USB drive 3.0 not working right

so i bought a verbatim 16GB USB 3.0 drive some months back, it would transfer data at about 80mb/s, i lost that one and bought the exact same one again but the difference is this one transfers data at 12-8mb/s. 

this is very puzzleing because they were the same and they are both in USB 3.0 ports.

could it be somthing with my computer or dose it have to be formated right, i am absolutly clueless.

or could is just be a lemon and has to be returned.



Could be all of the above.  Double check that you're USB 3/chipset drivers are update, update any firmware (if applicable), and make sure it is formatted in FAT32, or NTFS, with the default allocation size. If you still get slow transfer rates, you might have a lemon, but contact support anyways.