Usb doesn't work HELP!

My laptop Usb ports work, my mouse connects to all of them but when i try to plug some kind of storage device like a usb stick or a portable hd it does noting, i see the devices at the device manager under Disk Drives and sometimes under other devices. I see them at Disk Manager but i can't do anything because disk manager says :

" The operation failed to complete because the disk management console view is not up-to-date. "

I'm running windows 8.



Have you considered checking to see if there is a driver update for your computer? It sounds like your USB controller has a corrupted driver. A tool such as Slim Drivers is really nice to find some of the more obscure ones for you. I've never really had any issues with that bit of software, and I have it do all of my driver locating for me, at least, if I have an internet connection.

I second Slim Drivers, I use it all the time and it finds 95% of the drivers

Or you could try this :)

a.      Press Windows key + X and select Device Manager.

b.      Search for Storage Controllers and expand it.

c.       Right click on the driver and select Update driver software.

thanks but i have tried that i don't know how many times

didn't work :(

nothing in the laptop bios settings for USB boot/port options?

along with trying this method

Mouse works, other things don't?....

Same basic functionality with respect to Disk-Management. That tool hasn't changed since Vista.

Read the replies posted by the Microsoft employees.

Similar procedure to

Should resolve - Original poster: has anything changed?

Maybe your laptop is junk. Doesn't have enough power on the usb to run your external drive.

What kinda lap top? What kinda storage? How much porn is on it? Tried a usb stick?


Might even try turning the power management off .


Ok, for this and many other problems I ended up formatting my hd and installed Windows 7 :P Now everything works YAY!

lol no porn and it has enough power