USB devices not recognized, mouse/keyboard worikng


My specs:

MOBO- Asrock 990FX Extreme3,
Processor- AMD Phenom2 x6 1090T,
RAM- Corsair 1600 12GB,
Graphics- XFX 6870
Primary SSD- Samsung 840 EVO 250GB
Secundary HDD- WD Blue 650GB


I found out that any USB device (flash drives, HDDs) I connect to my PC isn't recognized. I have Logitech G700 mouse and S520 keyboard that are connected to random USB ports and they work fine. I even have PCI-e USB3.0 card, and even on there, devices are not working. Everything I try shows up in device management under "other devices" and has driver warning (pic). Searching for drivers (updating) doesn't find anything. I searched on Asrock site for driver updates and only found the USB3.0 driver, that I installed, but it didn't help. The strange thing is that PCI USB3.0 card has  the same problem, so that makes me think something is wrong within windows, not drivers.

Someone has any idea what to search for and how to fix the issue?


If the updated drivers for your mobo didn't do it. Just reformat the whole thing saves you time from troubleshooting. 

so you're saying clean windows install..? oh god not this again.. :) i'm a big pro win8 guy, but i have to admit, they don't make it easy.. since i switched over, win8 is the most reinstalled os i used... :)

it's not actually that bad, but i was hoping there's some way to find out what went wrong (haven't used usb for months, nor touched the drivers..), or at least to find out if there's some kind of tool to check drivers/ registry/ whatever..

thanks for your honest answer!