USB DAC stops working in Windows 10 VM

I have an Alesis Core 1 “DAC”, I use it as one even though it’s primarily meant for audio input.
I didn’t want to struggle too much with getting on board audio to work in the VM so I added this DAC as a USB Host Device in Virtual Manager and it only works for a while, I have to remove it and add again after a few minutes.
It doesn’t work in the host Linux (using Mint with Cinnamon).
There are no drivers provided by the manufacturer as far as I can tell, windows just automatically does its plug and play thing with something generic.

Don’t really know where to begin with solving this issue, searching didn’t bring up anything that sounds like my problem. I would also be okay with a guide for making on board audio work, currently whatever I select after adding Sound hardware in Virtual Manager, none of it works in Windows VM.

Edit: Found a way to get audio from the VM but not a solution to the USB DAC problem.

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It’s possible the usb controller you bound is resetting periodically back to linux. Ignore what i said if it’s the same controller used for MKB input, if that works fine