USB DAC issue on Manjaro Linux

Hi everyone,

I seem to have an issue with my DAC, that I know that works fine on other distros of Linux.

I was using pop OS before without any issues. But as soon as I switched to Manjaro my DAC is temperamental, most of the time it is recognised by the OS, but now and again the DAC in output devices disappears. I can resolve the issue temporally by rebooting the DAC.

Which one?

It is an SMSL M6

It might be a USB 2.0 on a USB 3.0 port issue. Do not use high bandwidth USB 2.0 devices on ASmedia USB 3.1 chipsets. What happens when you connect it via native USB 2.0?

I give it a go, but I have not changed port since moving to another distro of Linux