USB DAC - Audio Cambridge DACMAGIC XS - on Ubuntu

I am a newbie Linux user, got a laptop with Ubuntu LTS and I would like to setup an USB DAC (the one from title) on this machine. On windows is fairly easy to make the USB device use the studio quality ASIO 192kHz/24bit transport, just need the proper driver and an audio player (using AIMP atm) which is capable to output using the ASIO transport. I have plugged the USB DAC to the Linux machine, it recognize it, i saw it in the audio section, i can hear the music by playing a FLAC file, but the LED on the device indicated using a sound quality of 44Khz/16bit. Is there any way of selecting a higher quality audio output on Linux? is it possible using the low latency ASIO transport? Can anyone help with some steps/docs to ease my way? A guide, anything.
Link to device PDF

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ASIO is proprietary, it’s not available on Linux. You can blame the company who made it for that one.

But Linux has jack you could use that if you want low latency for example.

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What are the bit rate of your recordings? There’s no benefit of upsampling a 44Khs/16bit file. I suggest that you test with some recordings that has a higher bitrate.