USB DAC and USB Microphone Compatibility?

I have a Mayflower Electronics USB DAC that works fantastically. I would like to also buy a quality USB microphone like the Blue Yeti or similar. 


My question is, since these are plug and play, will the USB DAC and USB microphone fight over the same audio driver? Or will they both work together?  I would like to know before I drop the coin for a nice usb microphone.


Is anybody using a USB DAC & a USB microphone in Win 7?




You should be fine since one's inputting and the other's an outputting. 

I think your right. But to test it out, I ordered a  $5 usb microphone off amazon. I will post up the test results. 

If you're looking for a mic of any quality, it will not be USB. Especially a yeti, it's extremely overpriced. You'd be best off going with a lower end XLR mic like an AT 2020 and an audio interface with phantom power. Buy the interface used if you don't have the cash to drop. The sound difference is night and day.

Other part of your question:  Yeah, everything should work fine driver wise.

DId the cheap mic test, and it did work. You can use a USB microphone with a USB DAC.


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I am gonna disagree about the use of a USB mic and the Blue Yeti specifically. I have the Yeti and am very happy with the recording quality I get from it. I have used professional studio setups for recording and while they might have cleaner sound the mic sits closer and the room is sound proofed so that helps a lot. For an at home setup the Yeti is a great mic.

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