USB-C to HDMI black screen on video conf device

I’ve run into a problem where using a USB-C to HDMI converter only displays a black screen on a video conferencing device (MS Teams) that sends the video over ethernet to another of it’s component by the TV. The computer does however detect the external “display” and I have tried using multiple computers and converters but the converters were the same model.

Connecting without the adapter to HDMI works without issue if the computer has a HDMI port.

Question is if this is solvable, would a different USB-C to HDMI adapter work or is this something where copy protection (HDCP?) kicks in and you can’t do two USB-C > HDMI > videoconf.

You can try another one, the underlying architecture might be the problem. I’ve used several video over Ethernet adapters in the past and haven’t had an issue.

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