USB C on Nvidia 2080

Hello everybody

I got a Nvidia RTX2080 from ASUS with a USB C port. I tried to connect a USB C doc to it, but that seems not to work at all. Do I have to activate the port somewhere in Windows or in the Nvidia drivers? I know I was used to do that with that card but that was with my old Ryzen 2700 build with my i7 12700k it no longer seems to work. How do I get it to work?

CPU: intel i712700k
RAM: 4x8GB Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 3200 MHz
SSD: 2x Samsung SSD 860 QVO 1 TB, 860 EVO 2TB, 870 Evo 2TB, Evo 970 Plus 500GB
HDD WD Black CRM 7200rpm
PSU Corsair HX850i 850W

PS: I got plenty of Drives, can it be that my system has some hard powerpeaks? Sometimes also the other USB fail for just a moment (2s) and then they are back.

I used to be on AMD Ryzen 2700. I have not formatted the system as it takes ages to get everything up running again. Can this help if I format my system partition? (takes me around 5h to get everything back up installed and mapped correctly)

Try reinstalling the Nvidia drivers. When it comes to the part that gives you the choice between express and custom installs, click on custom and check USB-C driver is ticked.

Also select the clean install option, as long as you’re okay with it resetting all of your settings.

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The port on the back of the card is not intended for general use, it was for VR headset purposes as that was the new hotness at the time. And many pcs didn’t have the USB 3.2gen2x2 whatever else name that the headsets needed, so they bundled it to push the tech.

I think in VMs it can be split off as a regular port/hub but not its intended use.

I wonder if the intel one is not exposing the PCIe part separately.

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