USB-C Monitor strange behavior

I recently bought the USBc KVM Switch v2 (with USB Power Delivery / 70 watts) and I am attempting to connect it to an HP Spectre x360 13 (2017) and I am seeing a very strange behavior where the light on the KVM blinks, and windows shows a USB device constantly connecting and disconnecting.

I am thinking maybe the laptops power delivery drivers are out of date and it is failing hand-shacking?

The device has thunderbolt, and I am able to use a usb-c to displayport cable, but I am not sure if it has all of the specs for full dp-alt mode?

What cables are you using? Lots of connectivity issues are due to bad cables.

What display are you trying to connect to?

Lots of USB C cables don’t properly support dp-alt mode, so I would want to try a thunderbolt cable to eliminate cable quality issues.

I am using the thunderbolt cables that came with my cal-digit thunderbolt dock.

They work with the kvm on my macbook and 2022 HP work laptop.

Tried both ports on the KVm? You might try the mode where one port gets more power than the other.

Be sure to change the power delivery switch only when the KVm is unplugged.


Thanks, that totally fixed it. I mean now I have to also plug in a charger which ruins the whole point of usbc but it’s no worse than the non-usbc!

so maybe not? If you have a 120w power brick thats 19v center positive you can use THAT with the kvm instead of the bundled power brick and then set the power switch to one of the 120w options.