USB-C KVM with Power delivery

Hello and I’m writing my first post in this forum. I saw the video in reddit from several months ago describing (amongst other KVMs) the 2 USB-C in to 1 out KVM being without power delivery.

I’m here to ask if there’s any plans to include power delivery in at least one of the inputs? With a trove of monitors including now USB-C 5G/10G and most laptops also including it, it would be a killer device if it could connect a single cable to the laptop.

Thank you!

That’d be awesome.

In the meantime, re single laptop cable, there’s plenty of cheap usb-c / display port dongles that work with plain non usb-c kvms

I’d like to see a usb-c only KVM, connect two to four usb-c laptops, to 2 usb-c monitors… (and provide usb-pd power to charge all of them at the same time).

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