USB 3 Header Pins Snapped

In my hubris to build a PC for a friend who had the parts sent to me. The front panel USB3 pins snapped when attempting to plug in the front panel connector. It is from the Fractal Design Meshify C Mini.
It is the Asus B550m Plus Wifi Mobo. This seems to be a common problem across all MFG.

Question is will Asus honor an RMA, or tell me to take a hike?
Either way I’m purchasing a new board from Microcenter later today, since I need to get the PC to my friend Saturday.

See links found on LTT forums and Todd’s hardware for what I am referring to.

pictures, what exactly happened?

You can’t tell all that well, but you’ll see a bent pin next to the capacitor, and the plastic housing is off by a pin to begin with. My explanation is at the top of the post. The links I have provided are what other people seem to run into a lot over the years.

you can probably just bent that back, the pin could have been slightly off and when you tried insert it bent down. Seems RMA worthy if you want but 100% looks like you can bend it back

You’d think, but a separate one not pictured snapped already. Like I said. The pins are off by one. You can’t see it because, it is covered by the platic protector.

RMA it then deff 100% defect

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Well to be clear, because maybe I didn’t make it clear in the post. I had almost everything installed, except for the video card. I noticed the USB cable was getting pressed too much when trying to get the video card in. So I took out the video card, then tried to nudge the USB 3 panel off. Instead of disconnecting like it is supposed to. The plastic protection came off with the USB 3 panel connector. Protector plastic housing had to be removed by using a plier.

From there I tried putting it back on, and the pins got bent, placing the plastic panel back on. Despite how careful I wanted to be about it. Like I said common cross MFG defect where that PIN header is just garbage. Hence why I included the links to give everyone an idea of what I I’m dealing with.

Asus really is a PITA to deal with when it comes to physical damage that isn’t obvious to be shipping damage. more often than not they’ll tell you to piss off cause you broke it.

Worst case scenario you exchange a few emails and nothing good comes of it I think it’s worth trying.

I had a board once that was missing USB 3.0 pins entirely and they took that… so… idk maybe break the bent ones all the way pull them out and say they were missing.

Lol damn. I’ll keep that in mind. At worst I’m out 174 bucks.

they make pcie to 3.0 cards if you’d rather do that.

Welp, I’m already in the process of building the replacement. This RMA if successful, will become my new PC lol…

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