USB 3.0 to USB 2.0 Adapter on old Mobo

Currently working on a little project, reviving an old desktop and maybe making it a server or just small productivity rig to learn. My concern is how well do these USB 3.0 to 2.0 header adapters work? Has anyone experienced any issues with older motherboards?

The reason for wanting an adapter is to put it into a newer case. I picked this particular case because of its small form factor and minimalist look:
Fractal Design Node 804

Here is motherboard in question:
MSI MS-6577 v 2.1

Edit: New questions. Is that JUSB1 header in the bottom right a USB 1.1 header or a USB 2.0 header? I believe it is a USB 2.0 but that is based on the date USB2 was released being before the manufacturing of this line of MOBOs.

I don't see a USB 2.0 header on that board.

Yea been looking around for what the various headers look like from v. 1.0-2.0.
It is definitely not USB 1.0 as that only has 4 pins. It has to be a usb 1.1 or newer. The motherboard itself was built circa 2002 which was after the introduction to USB 2.0. The USB header on the board is labeled as JUSB1 so this might make it seem like it is a v 1.1 but I think it is labelled this way in an attempt to number the various headers.

Will edit the post thought

Right next to the BIOS if you scroll down to the image.
A friend of mine has used one of these internal converters and its working fine. Of course its just USB 2.0 speed. LINK
I am trying to find a PCI based USB 3.0 Internal card but so far all I am seeing is PCI-E 1X cards. If you can find a PCI based card there will also be a 19/20 Pin USB 3.0 header on it.

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I'm a blind as hell. Yeah, you should be able to plug a 2.0 header onto the JUSB1 connector.

Alright Thanks guys, will be moving forward now.

@Theonewhoisdrunk You are looking for a PCI card that has a USB 3.0 head on it?

The board is usb2. just get a usb3-2 header there a few dollars, who cares...

Im more surprised your using such an expensive case with old tech.. why not just build a new PC..

No. I was suggesting it so you may get full USB 3.0 speeds since the PCI card has a internal USB 3.0 header. Infortunately it does not seem that they exist in PCI only PCI-E.

I already have a rig. This is just a little project on the side that I wanna have fun with. The case is a bit much but I am looking for a small case with at least 4 drive bays in it (Will make separate post later). The problem I am having with many cases, and the reason I made this post, is that many of today's cases are transitioning to USB 3.0. Now I try to stick to a minimalist ideology when it comes to computers while also maintain full utilization of what I have on hand. So an old mobo in a new case with a wasted USB port can become quite infuriating.

Ah I see. I just wanted to be able to utilize front panel USB 3.0 ports. Thank you though.