USB 3.0 Pin bent all the way down.....again

So I hate the USB 3.0 header on mobos. It is a terrible design. I have bent a pin on the 3.0 header on a couple different motherboards. One actually broke off when I tried re straightening it. I know someone else who did it with their personal build. Anyways I was able to RMA the asrock one, but I have just dont it to my main build after getting a new case. My old case I didnt need to mount it on the mobo header, because it was a usb female to male connector (600t). Anyways when I upgraded the plug worked, but I am not sure if it was just for USB 2.0 devices or not. When I unplugged it to switch it back into the 600t (because my cpu was running hotter in the newer case) I noticed a pin was bent. I am pretty sure Asus will not ever replace it for being bent or broken, as they dont cover anything but manufacture defects. I learned that the hard way when my enviroment damaged the mobo (slightly humid), ironically it still functioned with the so called damage. Anyways my question is has anyone else done this aswell? I mean bend a 3.0 pin? I have never in my life bent or broken a 2.0 pin, but have a number of 3.0. I think it is due to the design of it having a plastic boarder, which in theory should make it easier to plug in. For me that is not the case. Anyways I am gonna see if I can RMA it before attempting to bend it back in place. I am not even sure if it is needed, as I said it worked fine with usb flash drives (usb 2.0). 

The pin socket itself is fine it is usually the usb3 cable itself that from what I've dealt with in the past is the issue. Some plugs have badly shaped holes or left over plastic in the way etc which makes the odd bent pin easy to do.