USB 3.0 Necessary?

I'm currently picking out parts for my first gaming rig and have been browsing cases. I realized that I have been ignoring cases with USB 2.0 in favor of 3.0 regardless of the quality of the case. I can only assume I heard somewhere that USB 3.0 was preferable, but is it really a deal breaker? Will it make my mouse and keyboard noticeably more responsive, or is it only really beneficial for data transfer (which is not very important to me)? In general, what are the pros of having having USB 3.0 ports on a case?

Thanks in advance for any response. 

I have plenty of usb 3.0 i use them for anything more than pluging in a xbox pad or a old flash stick no.

Anless you actualy have something that can utilize usb 3.0 speeds it dosent realy matter much.