USB 3.0 Display Adapter on Linux?

Hi, Everyone! I was wondering, If anyone has had any success with a USB 3.0 display adapter under Linux? I currently run Arch Linux on a Skylake Laptop, with only one HDMI for external output and USB 3.0 ports. I also run Bumblebee on it since it has a Nvidia 960M, In case that's a factor. I use this laptop for work everyday and mainly use it for productivity and programming. I currently am able to hook one external monitor using the HDMI. Would it be possible to somehow hook up a second external monitor?

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One of my housemates has got a USB to HDMI adaptor, but he won't be home before sunday. I'll be more than happy to test it out in linux, then you'd potentially have one product to go by, at least.

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With drivers like these things have generally IMO, you'll be happier with a more stable LTS distro. You may have some luck with DisplayLink based stuff, but based on some comments from here who knows.

kouros51 commented on 2017-04-06 17:07
@PlusMinus I checked it several times, tried all the proposed solutions but nothing works with nvidia optimus packages installed in my laptop.

Read this post for general criticisms of the drivers

There are some 10 quid USB3 HDMI adapters around, these may work if you happen to get one with the right chip.

I personally have had really good experience with DisplayLink based devices, but as the arch wiki page states, Your Mileage May Vary.

I do have to disagree with @Buckshee on their assessment that you would be better off on an LTS distro though, as I have found the more modern kernels found on rolling distros like Arch have vastly improved displaylink experience. There is a higher chance of things breaking though, but if you are experienced with Arch you can figure out how to roll back and exclude packages from an update etc.

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