USB 2.0 peripheral switches, any downsides?

I’m thinking of getting a USB 2.0 switch for a desk where I sometimes work and game, is there any downside with using such switches, e.g. notable latency increase or other functionality that is lost? Can I use a corsair RGB keyboard with it or if I pass the switch to a USB 3.0 hub on a monitor if that works?

I only need it for keyboard and mouse.

Thinking of something like this:

Make sure it is HID compatible, otherwise it won’t poll at the right rate for your gaming peripherals.

Generally the cheaper one are not good for HID devices like keyboards and mice.

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does your KVM have a built in USB switch? Mine has a USB 3.1 Gen1 switch built in and can even handle switching USB licenses dongles or USB storage.

I don’t have a KVM, will use the monitor to switch display input :slight_smile:

This is pain! Honestly get a KVM if your doing that it has the ability to do exactly what your talking and the advantage of maintaining EDID so your screen wont mess up when you swap inputs.

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