[USA] Where to buy DDR5 5V Unbuffered ECC RAM?

I found a component I think (assuming it’s 5V source and not 12V) I would like to buy for my next PC build.

Samsung m324r6ga3bb0-cwm (Sorry my account seems to be unable to link anything due to being new, and this is DIFFICULT TO FIND on their ecc-udimm-ecc-sodimm page !)

48GB per stick (so I can get enough ram with only 2) ECC UDIMM that looks within slight overclock range of optimal AM5 frequencies.

I buy infrequently enough that every time I have to start hunting for vendors from scratch, and M324R6GA3BB0-CWM gives me zero seller hits. I’m not sure if I’d be better off giving up and going with 2x32GB (plenty of sellers, but advice on the best places to buy ‘today’ would still be good) or if there’s a good place with not too much markup to get a direct from Samsung shipment of just 2 sticks.

Also, I’m buying within the mainland United States. I have looked at Samsung’s listed resellers page, but that seemed to point only to still huge bulk resellers who if they mentioned DDR at all, mentioned it by the individual chip.

Reach out to memory.net they deal in Oem models

Thank you, I’ve sent them an email. Hopefully their reply contains good news for my build.

Still open to considering anyone else recommended.