US only rant


All of the pc builds, either here, or on any other websites (LTT and others) are all US located(except that rare case).
When a budget build is done, it is only valid for the US region. It would be really nice to see sometimes build videos for some of us that live in europe, where components can get really expensive.
At the moment, a friend of mine wants to buy a PC with e 8350 + decent graphics, and for all of that he would have to spend two average monthly paychecks entirely, or get a loan!

Now other things that I can't resist to not rant about:
Why that newegg store is US only!? And why the prices there are so low?
Do you US folks realize how much the US dollar index has gone up(and it keeps going up)? Russians have now to pay double to buy anything in USD.
Why pc components have to be more expensive in europe?
Why mouser wants to charge me 150$ to ship me a 25$ small development board?
Why are most of the US online services region locked, so that I can only dream about stuff like spotify, xbox, netflix, etc... ?

You bring up some good points. Though Newegg does actually have Canadian site that I know of. But I don't usually buy from them for the same reason you do not. The US dollar has gone up recently making things more expensive. Which is why I'll usually buy from local stores.

You mention that no one makes build videos for users around your region. So I'll put forth a challenge for you. Why don't you make one to get things started? I've found that the best way to change things is to get things started yourself. And then people with similar situations like your own will see it and want to join in!

  1. All of these tech YouTubers and the majority of their audiences are American, so it makes sense that they do it for the US. Tek Syndicate did build guides for the UK and Europe, but that was ages ago. (@Logan hint hint)
  2. Newegg is a Us company. In Europe we have to pay more tax and things just tend to cost more because of trade agreements, etc.
  3. I think the Euro, Kuna, and Ruble have all gone down.
  4. Answer 2.
  5. Answer 2.
  6. Region locking services like Spotify and Netflix has to do with copyright laws. They pay to have media in their libraries, so they have to make deals with studios and producers. If they don't think they'll make a profit, they won't introduce their service. Also, politics can play a factor as well.
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"So I'll put forth a challenge for you. Why don't you make one to get things started?"
Nice point, problem is I don't have stuff to builds from, well I could do a theoretical build, and my english pronunciation is shit, so that would just make a pain to listen to.

"Region locking services like Spotify and Netflix has to do with copyright laws."
How can then the sonly playstation work worldwide, or the nitendo, or steam?

Where are you from in Europe? I still think its a good idea to do one your self you can post it on here as a contributor.

As for netflix etc... Why not invest in a VPN or DNS service and open up the door to content freedom?

Games companies tend to be a lot less fussy about where there games are sold. They're also a bit more progressive than movie studios and music producers, who tend to think that everyone's out to steal their stuff.

Like @Zavarrr posted, different region licensing around the world. I live 2 hours north of the US/Canada border and I still can't get the same services here in Canada. (e.g. Amazon Prime, Netflix, HBO online, Pandora, etc.) It depends on if the company feels it's worth it to pay the licensing or even if the country's own laws allow it.

For instance here in Canada, by law it's mandatory that all TV and radio contain a certain percentage of content produced here in Canada. I am of the opinion that the majority of this Canadian content is shit but unfortunately my taxes are still used to subsidize it.

I am already broke without any payed services. Maybe when I finish uni and get a job.

Thing is, most regular people over here don't even realize things like netflix exist!
And yes, most people over here just pirate stuff, because it is the only sane way to get any media except buying physical DVD-s.
I am from Croatia. No chance anybody will stand to listen my crap english, not until i get to practice it a bit.

How about making the video in your own language and then adding english captions/subtitles after. Not everyone speaks english so you might have people appreciate a build log in a language they more readily understand.

It is because they offer me only very fancy FedEx option. Some other companies will ship me any goods at completely reasonable prices directly from the us, so I really don't see where the problem is with those few particular distributors.

It sucks but there are legitimate problems for US retailers shipping stuff over seas, setting up in foreign countries, and dealing with non-US governments. There are language barriers, cultural differences and government differences. There is a large cost shipping stuff from say California where Newegg is located, to Croatia where you say your from. Like I know shipping some generators from China to America where there is a large, somewhat efficient system in place, took thousands of dollars, and something like a month. Yes they were heavy large objects but the shipping process took forever. That's something that companies don't want to put up with on a constant basis. I know Newegg now serves some European companies but not a large area yet. Really you can't expect a country with an average gdp per person that was about $14.5k as of 2011, to be the first on the list for an electronics retailer. For a company it makes zero sense frankly. Why go to Croatia with a gdp per capita of less then $15k when they can go to France where the gdp per capita is over $42k. It is a game of numbers above all else and a country like Croatia isn't going to have enough expected spending money to buy custom computer parts. That's why the US does have stores like Newegg. There is a large percentage of people that have the resources, money and ambition to build computers. It does suck for the minority of people in Croatia or any country without easy access to this technology, because there is a warranted want and need for it. But I'm not saying large group that want this technology, I'm saying minority because there isn't a large demand for custom computers in Croatia. At least there isn't a demand that companies or the world really has seen.

I could, but then again, ah, I am no youtuber, and I can't review any parts, so I can only give my theoretical opinion. What would be nice, if some of the local distributors did stuff like ncix where they review stuff they have in stock.

The biggest problem is that there are a lot of small countires in europe. By themselve they seem too small and unimportant, but all together they are quite large.

On one occasion I wanted to buy a new phone over, and it said that it would ship to my country, but when I went to actually purchase it, it would give an error that the item cannot be shipped to my address.

Even with legal issues, online stores should be doable, when using the cheapo mail services.
As for vat, tax, import issues, don't worry, local customs will take care of that if needed.
There are some stores that will ship from germany to almost anywhere, so why would not that be the case for US pc parts sellers too?
Ah, if it only was like buying from China on ebay, free shipping for most items, dirt cheap.
On the other hand I noticed that some things that have free shipping on ebay to Croatia, don't have for US.

Edit: When watching LTT and TEK videos, to me it seems as if I am watching some wonderland show, where everything is just easy to get, and nobody ever mentions the pain non US folks have to go through.

Note whole European economy is still going down... also note that newegg prices do not include taxes; taxpayer will have to pay additional tax when doing his/her taxes if they can't specify how much they've spent online.

Sending stuff to other countries have different laws and strange unlawful customs... Central Europe has only pseudo countries... they are not real. (Sorry) but that's how it is.

Can of worms.

I still think that if the TEK is for world wide public, then it should reach to such problems from time to time and look into possible workarounds, otherwise, they may as well put a big US ONLY disclaimer sing over the logo. (Not that there is anything bad about it, just a bit sad for the rest of us)

I think you have not understood, I was telling you why newegg or us people and companies do not do direct business with european people. I'm telling you are being robbed by your countries, your law takes away your freedom to satisfy greed of few, russia, germany, uk.

and no-one wants to deal with stuff disappearing from parcels... because your customs services looking into it, broke it etc... and demand that you pay them...

Oh, in that our politicians are experts, things like 100k$ for a small public toilet, 1M$ for a fountain, asking the price of building a brand new LHC for a two tunnel subway in the capital, 100€ for a plastic cone that usually is 10€, using the most expensive paint to paint miles of tunnels, yes, greedy people everywhere. I was just hoping that they would never bother poking into electronics. On the other hand, they might not even care about the topic, and just leave it hanging unsolved forever.

Even me being sick of the topic, I can't just go live in the US because laws, and visas and requirements, which would cost me years and years of painful savings.

I see what you're saying but there is already not enough regular content coming out from tek syndicate and they are always saying they have no time for more content as it is let alone devoting time to videos that may or may not get many views.

I feel your pain but it's a lost cause

well its not like someone is stopping you from applying for immigration visa. There's always place for educated people. Some companies might even do sponsorship to help you getting settled in. (but first comes the immigration visa, and then green card)

If you get into US you will make money, and be able to buy stuff you'd like. You just need job.

I do not know anyone in real life that managed to pull that off.
On the other hand, people are massively moving to Canada, just because the procedure for Canada is much simpler. A friend of mine was there for a year, but he still struggled finding a proper job, and at the end returned home with not much extra money.