US layout keyboard for sale in UK

I'm looking to buy a gaming mechanical keyboard in the uk but I can only find UK layout ones while I want a US one. Could anyone recommend me a good website where I could find some keyboards with US layout please ?

Thanks :D

Well, first of all I'm not british and second I am going to leave the UK/Europe after I finish uni. 

More reasons why I don't want/like UK layout: I never use the pound or euro sign so I don't want/need them on my keyboard, I like my # to be on 3 and not near the enter key, I like my @ sign to be on 2 and not where " should be, I like my ~ key to be underneath escape (where its place should be) and last but not least I hate that extra key between Z and shift because you end up with a shorter shift key -- which is so bad when you're trying to be stealth in a game and you end up pressing the gap between the keys and you have to roll your finger on its side until it presses the actual key you needed. If you're about to ask, yes, I have that problem.. because I have a German keyboard which I dislike from the bottom of my heart.

The only thing I hate about US layout is the small enter key, but I'll trade a wider shift key for a smaller enter key any day.

Also it's more about personal preference here. I grew up with US layout (even though I'm european) and for the past 2 years I've been going mental trying to use the german keyboard that my laptop came with.. I miss the days when the physical layout of my keyboard matched the one I use in windows.

Here you go. (don't be turned off by the site, ive head good things about them for mechanical keyboards)

There will be a number of others a well, I know that amazon has some as well.  

If its all about preference then no point talking about alternatives.

(edit, if your wanting a "gaming" keyboard, your probably going to have to import it)

Thank you :D

I guess I'll import it after all. I'd rather pay extra and use something that I feel comfortable with.

@Kai I can type without looking on US layout for about 6 years now so I can type on any keyboard. Btw I don't know if you're barely reading my posts or trolling me xD


Thank you both :D

Amazon also have a good range. It was harder for me to find UK ISO, amazon kept giving US ANSI layout keyboards, in the UK. 

I can easily adapt to other layouts (except azerty, which I consider silly), but it's not about that. In uni I only use UK, at home I only use German, so it's definitely not about that, it's about my personal preference in terms of keyboards. I use my laptop 6h a day on average and I like to have peripherals that I actually enjoy using. If spending 20 pounds extra on peripherals makes the difference between me being satisfied (or not) with my purchase then I'll gladly pay.

What about this keyboard ? I see that it's NA/US layout but has anyone purchased from Corsair's website to shed some light ?

I searched amazon for a K70 with brown switches for days but the only layout I could find is UK.

Is there any reason you want a gaming keyboard over the other more common easier to get boards?

This might be ansi (never mind, its _not_)

I'm only after the K70 because of its build quality and looks. Having a keyboard that is built like a brick is a plus, especially when I get crashes in Maya and lose some a part of my saved project.

Filco's, and Duckys, along with a lot of the big mechanical keyboard brands are all absolutely great build quality. I know I could probably easily crack someone's skull open with my ducky until their brains are mush then type up a short story on my adventure while the blood drips off the keys.

Maybe try ebay.

That would make a great review on build quality xD

If you want built like a brick steer clear of corsair. Their stuff is junk.

My first mech was the K95 and in 4 months the LEDs were dying and their software sucks hard. If you ever have the misfortune to deal with their customer support you are in for some serious rage inducing talks. Just don't.

Go get your self some real quality like a Filco, or Leopold. KeybaordCo linked above are fantastic and sell ANSI layout Filco. 

I am currently using a Filco TKL Ninja and damn it is solid as a rock. No frills, no stupid LEDs and solid performance. 


Edit: As above as well Ducky are great. Overclockers UK stock Ducky.

Just don't go corsair... Don't.