US Entertainment Industry might give you maleware soon

I just found this over at the LTT forums, and thought this is the perfect place to put it:


#f7f7f7 ;">he American entertainment industry says that they would pre-install this controlled “malware” onto your PC when you “look” at copyright protected content. Then they would be able to basically brick your computer and copyrighted content and make a message appear to turn yourself in and pay a fee

According to a new proposal to the congress 

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Srsly? LOL

yea, that isn't going to be good for the economy and will not bold well with us

This is so not going to pass that I can't even imagine the reason why they are even trying.


I'm suprised they have not tried something like this already. Also, while they will be exposed to the wrath of the internet, neither Washington nor most of the States will have no problem with this, i'm sure. They might even encourage it.

This stuff makes me so depressed. There seems to be many parrallels between the internet and the printing press


I'm opening a buisness for tinfoil hats, taking orders now :D

I'll buy one. How much? and can you ship to the U.K?

Isn't this basically the same as Sony's DRM scheme that was declared illegal by the courts years ago?  

It is funny how much people can have their head stuck up their rear end. Or I cannot read this sort of legislation proposals without having the very pertinent assumption they are freakin' nuts.