US DoD declares "Can No Longer Do Business" with contractors using Dahua, Hikvision, Huawei

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Interesting situation, a lot of DoD contractors have surveillance cameras from these companies. It also includes rebrands as the DoD specified that this includes “any substantial element or component” of the device cannot be from these manufacturers. Some good news is if you were looking for cheap cameras I bet ebay will be flooded with these!

This really does extend the impact of being a banned product. For DoD to just not directly purchase these is one thing, but including ALL contractors and subcontractors is a way bigger deal.

Everyone is spying on everyone. Only those countries that do not have financial and technical capabilities are not spying on. You may not like many US decisions, but if I was in DoD responsible for something, I would personally take even more aggressive steps to defend and offensive actions to gain an advantage on the enemy. And let’s face it, the world is not kumbaya and China is the US “enemy” in the long run. The war has been going on for a long time, on various fronts and China is winning battle after battle very effectively … The fight is over for global dominance and the role of the first superpower. Just because the US has managed to win and maintain this role at once does not mean that China will not do absolutely anything to change it. Just like Russia …
Unfortunately, part of the society in the US and in the Western world is too politically correct and cannot see it. China, Russia and some other places on this planet have norms and rules of the Western world somewhere where the sun does not reach. They will do anything to achieve their goal …
If I were to lead China, of course I would use industry to spy as well as gain domination and advantage over the west. China does not follow any rules even in a dirty backstage game, where even Russia sometimes follows these rules. In other words, good decisions, but the problem is that there are not so many alternatives when greedy corporations produce everything in China, and for money from this market ready to carry out any order. What was visible not so long ago on the example of several large US companies kissing Chinese buttock.

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