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Urgent: Looking for a recent model printer Linux supported

Hey all;

I’m looking for a reasonable priced inject printer that has linux support out of the box.
Currently running Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

Any quick recommendations?, since i’m in an urgent need to get some documents printed.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Doesn’t most printers work out of the box? I have a HP DeskJet 3630, and its pretty much plug & play, wired or wireless. And it’s quiet too if that matters.

Edit: You did mean to say Inkjet not Inject right?

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I honestly have no idea at all.
I have not used a printer in like 12 years or so.

Choices locally are also limited to some Hp and Cannon models.
The HP Deskjet 2630 for example.


Here is the list of all Linux supported HP printers: Link

I couldn’t find the 2630 in there, so perhaps look at another one.

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Thanks you’re awesome, i will check that list out.
I was already digging trough the ubuntu forums and such.
But most of the topics and lists are pretty old.

We print to an Epson ET-3700 from two Ubuntu 18.04 LTS systems. Direct connection required nothing more than rebooting the system with the printer attached and powered-on, iirc. Getting network (i.e. workgroup) printing and remote scanning working required downloading some drivers though. A few minutes of time — nothing scary.

But if you don’t need a lot of printing done, have you considered just printing all your documents to PDF, then sticking them onto a USB Flash drive, and walking to your nearest ‘printing place’? I’ve done that a few times with our local OfficeWorks. Painless, and probably much cheaper than buying a printer.


Thanks for the suggestion.
Will look into a couple of epson models as well.
I do have a Epson printer but that thing is like 16 years old or so.
So i guess i can’t get new inkt for that anymore haha.

I would recommend Brother’s laser of printers. Its good enterprise class no-nonsense and relatively affordable (for enterprise). Drivers are limited to .deb or .rpm only, so if you decide to move to Solus some day, I dont know how that will work out.

Price per print is better vs ink-based printers, but it is limited to black and white.


I agree with regulareel, I have a brother laserjet it works great. I got 3070CW on sale many years ago, worked out of the box on day 1, wired and wireless. Toner lasts a long time and affordable to replace.

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Another for +1 brother laser printers. Ink is a scam and brother has Linux drivers.

They do have color ones that are reasonable too.

The initial investment might seem a little high but you’ll find the actual cost to print is substantially cheaper.


All samsung printers have linux driwers but you need to download them.

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Thanks for all the helpful comments really appreciated.
I got myself a printer, and luckily it was plug and play with Ubuntu.
Only the scanner is likely not plug and play.
But that’s fine for now.

Thanks all your awesome. :slight_smile:

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