URGENT: Installed EOS on SSD with data on

Hey guys, bit of an emergency here. I installed elementary os onto my SSD, but I completely forgot I had RAW images saved on there. Is there any way to rescue those images? I haven't really touched the SSD since to avoid writing over the data.

I would appreciate any advice you can give as these are important images. I also have JPEG copies of the images, but I deleted those before installing Elementary OS, so is there something I can do in windows to recover those?

Thanks in advance.

Just hook it up to a machine and run a recovery software, Recuva seems popular

and ya, just don't touch it until then

and for the future, keep a nice big flash drive around or open a few google drive accounts.

I guess that link is MP3 focused but whatever.

Last Time I Lost some partitions due to an installer bug in Ubuntu I used testdisk to recover them.


I works as well as one could in such a situation. That might cost you your Linux install though and have to reinstall after you get to the files (the RAW) though.

There are also windows applications that can recover files deleted from the Trashcan too. If you google you will find some for sure.

Anything eos has overwritten is gone. Depending on how long you left the drive running TRIM will have been permanently deleting the rest of the files in the background for the space to be reused.

You might be able to boot the SSD with TRIM disabled, I cant remember exactly how to do that.

I haven't been running it that much to be honest. I have stayed mostly in Windows.

I scanned with this software. It brought back quite a bit of data. Some of them are WinRar format, but when I extract them, the file inside is unrecognised by Windows.

It could be overwritten or sth...you can always try to open it with Linux and see what happnes.

So I was able to recover one folder of images directly from my camera's memory card, however, there's still one more folder missing.

Photorec was able to recover 31.6 GB of data from the SSD, which is roughly the same amount the images took, before I install Ubuntu on there. However, when I open the folders, Photorec has divided the recovered files into 184 different folders. There are several winrar files, but when I try to extract them, the files inside have no file extension. Could these be the images? I've tried changing the extension to .CR2 or .JPG, but that did not help.

Edit: I clicked show file extension, and it's telling me those winrar files are actually .bz2 and .gz files. What do I need to do?

I really have no idea. I never saw this problem before.

The best bet would be to ask at the Photorec forums:


.bz2 and .gz are other compression formats like .zip and .rar. 7zip can open all of them and most linux are set up to open them native.