Urgent! i need help with my possible pc monitor

Hey y'all i was just wandering if anyone had or has this monitor. I cant find any reviews or videos on the interweb and i am calling to you to make a video or respond with your thoughts about the monitor. Oh, i am happy for other monitor suggestions but I want it around the same price with hdmi, I've got speakers and id like ips. Thanks!



Are you using this for any surround gaming? The Asus MX239H is similarly priced, and it has great reviews.

Only problem with the Asus that I have recently discovered is that it has two hdmi connections and on VGA. So despite being a thin bezzel monitor, it probably isn't ideal for a surround setup. But, as a single monitor, the Asus gets my vote.

Thanks man, i dont want to have surround setup and the monitor that you told me is nearly 100$ more so yea 


I think you were looking at the 27" Asus MX. That is the monitor I was talking about