Urgent help needed

just put together my honeybadger. 3770k, gtx 760, p8z77-i deluxe and 16gb gskill ram

heres the issue: i turned it on and max resolution was 800 by smomething like 600 in w8.1

after i insalled geforce drivers screen went black. waited fo 10min and shut down. now it posts, showswindows loading logo and then goes black wjth my monitor $aying no signal.

bios version 902

Make sure you downloaded the right driver. Boot windows into safe mode with or without networking, uninstall the driver and then reinstall it. Reboot and start windows normally, if this doesn't work try installing the driver from the CD that came with the GPU or using a beta version/older version.

Can you get in to safe mode?

bios is also cut off by the screen

its 1920x1080

how to get into safe mode if its not offered? i forget lol.

could it be windows 8.1 (using technet version) should i try windows 8?




all that f8 or shift+f8 does for me is it takes me to asus boot menu

select the drive where you have windows install on and keep pressing f8

in safe mode, go and uninstall the nvidia drivers.

then reboot and if you get to windows install the drivers depending on your system

64-bit: http://us.download.nvidia.com/Windows/327.23/327.23-desktop-win8-win7-winvista-64bit-english-whql.exe

32-bit: http://us.download.nvidia.com/Windows/327.23/327.23-desktop-win8-win7-winvista-32bit-english-whql.exe


its now going black after win logo :(

tried gt640 did the same thing, maybe my mobo is doa. going to have gpu gtx760 tested in another pc tomorrow

re format, and start afresh before you do anything with the mobo.

that is a fresh start.

i installed windows 8.1 3 times and windows 8 once, all yeilding the same results.

in a few hours ill be able to uae my bud's pc to test gpu.

For some reason, whenever hardware acceleration starts in windows from the GPU it fails. I really think its the GPU.

Tell me more about your PSU. Did you connect the PSU to your graphics card? I Gamble whenever the card starts the acceleration it draws too much watt.

you could also try to install windows 7 and look if you have the same issue, to determine, if its an windows related issue, or indeed a hardware related issue. you can download iso´s somewhere.


It's a 750w Enermax NAXN 82+ Bronze PSU.


I think it has something like 70A on the 12v rails. I've used it for nearly a month with this card and a msi z77a-g45. I'm using an intel CPU and only 1 HDD and 1 SSD, so it's definately not getting insufficient power.

I also tried it with a GT 640 which draws all its power from a motherboard, and is extremely low-power. I'm almost definate its the mobo, but it may be the cpu. I plan on trying the GPU with my spare parts (i3-2100/MSI z77A-g45/1x8gb ram) later today.

I plan on downloading w7 from technet as soon as i get home.

I really don't think it's windows, but i guess its worth a shot. thanks!

Roger. Then it looks like a mobo prob indeed.

you where able to boot into windows in safe mode after installing the driver?

if yes did you check the device manager to see how it was installed or what was installed under display adapters?

if not did you try to plug your monitor on the motherboard dvi or hdmi output?

did you set your primary display adapter to pcie on the bios?

you could try updating the driver trough windows update to see if it works with a tested driver by microsoft

you could try installing the driver that comes on the driver cd

you could try manually installing the driver via the device manager, (kind of risky and the steps are for w7, dont know if they are the same on w8 ) after running the nvidia installer it will extract everything in C:\NVIDIA\DisplayDriver\327.23\Win8_WinVista_Win7_64\English\Display.Driver, close the installer after it starts, on device manager right clic on the display adapter and clic on update driver sortware, then browse my computer for..., let me pic from a list..., Have Disk..., browse to the destination above and choose  nv_disp.inf, clic ok, select your model from the list and clic next, etc etc.

couldn't install the driver. The windows display drivers installed and it went black. I also updated to latest bios. The screencap is when i installed w8.

I just tried my GTX 760 in my brother's i5-3570k/asus p8z77-v LK build. It works great, is recognized my windows and i'm playing planetside 2 on highest settings :P

I really don't know what it could be. This mobo is fresh out of the box and it posted when i got it just fine. Did i get a bad board or is it something else?


update: i thought it was a loud fan, but it sounds like either my card or my brothers psu (he has exact same enermax bought 2 on sale) is whining or something.  if the gpu is whining should i rma it? i bought it in june, 2 wks after launch.