Urgent help needed please [FIXED]

HDMI port on GTX 1080 thinks its a DVI port and will only output at 1024x768

Installed Ubuntu 18.10 - fresh install. Updated everything, enabled nVidia repo and updated to 410.xx driver
Installed lm-sensors via terminal to get cpu temp info, followed instructions, it said to say yes to all questions. did that. display turned off, had to reset pc to get display back, was locked at 1024x768.

couldnt fix it, so figured screw it, reinstalled Win10 - still thinks its a DVI port and will not change.
Tried nVidia DDU driver remover - no change.
Need help :frowning:

Are you sure it’s not a dodgy cable?

By which I don’t want to be mean, but easy steps first?
And iirc, the only thing hdmi does that dvi doesn’t, is pretty much sound?

Why suspect the hdmi port changed to dvi output? Was there a message on the monitor? Or did it physically transmute?

When you say it thinks it’s a DVI port what do you mean exactly? Is it just because of the resolution?

Have you tried another HDMI cable?

No, under the nvidia control panel its coming up as plugged into a DVI port. I cant change the resolution above 1024x768. Im about to rip all the cables out of everything and hard reset everything from the monitor to the cmos. brb

Other than reinstalling drivers I’d try another cable. HDMI can do weird things when it can’t get a good link speed.

OK so yanking all the things seemed to fix whatever was wrong. No idea what caused it or what fixed it…

Tell us the truth, did you put it in the wrong hole?


That would explain the divorce…

But not this time :slight_smile:

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