Urgent dire need

i need 2 or 3 if these so bad

pls help me i dont have much money but need them so bad



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i cant wait that long i need with in like 2 weeks max not 3 months lol

then go to home depot or similar and ask for dupont 2.54mm terminations

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do all computer cases have them

It’s part of the ATX standard, so I’d assume so.

kuz my sister works at a bottle dept and ppl drop off old junkers all the time

Output the sound through your monitor/TV via hdmi until you get it. Or pick up a cheap sound card ($15) at a local store. Or use the back panel port.

Does motherboard not have an audio port? What makes you need them “so bad”

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i broke mine removing it kuz i was gonna shrinkwrap the cables

But why the urgency? Just use the connector on the Mobo in the meantime


kuz im trying to finnish a build by the end of the month also i dont know the pattern on the motherboard even on the site i have differnt colour cables…

In my city of 100,000 people, there is a Radio Shack [which has gone downhill, may not have what you need], and an electronics supply store. The electronics supply, called Ko-Hen Electronics Supply Inc., would probably have what you want in stock or could order it in within a couple days. Maybe your area has similar?

ive called every computer shop in town… nome of them have anything…

Not computer shop…electronics supply. There is a difference.

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What do you do so that you need more of these? They are included in every case made.
Worst case, buy another case, or scrounge parts out of an old system.

Not sure what all the faffing about is. Go to whoever is the top online electronic components place for whatever country your in. Find the part. Then pay the shipping to get it to you when you want it.

cant find it anywhere thats why… canada sucks

so ur gunna buy me another lian li pc 011?

Took maybe 2 minutes tops


im rolling in connectors now

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