Urgent case fan selection

Hey everyone I'm going to my local computer store really soon, and I was wondering if anyone could suggest me a fan between 5-15$ that is pretty quiet and works well. Please, if youre willing to help, can you choose fromhttp://www.canadacomputers.com/index.php?cPath=8 Because this is where I'm buying from. Pre thanks to anyone who helps. 

I have 2 of the Bitfenix spectre pro LED 120mm and they're quiet and move a good amount of air. I got them for $10 each at amazon. It's $14.99 at the store you're going to. Nonetheless, a great case fan all around.

120mm, 140mm, 180mm, or what?

Thanks nerodante. I got 1 120mm led blue one but I need help. I have no clue how to instal it because it didnt come with instructions and I can't firgure out with those long black things do, and the screws dont work on the fan for me, and I have no clue what to do with the 2 extra cables that come seperate with it. 

Are you installing as a case fan or on a CPU cooler? If on a case fan, it should be simple enough, in fact it should be like any other case fan really.

I don't know why the screws don't work for you. Are they really tight? As in it's hard to screw them in? In my experience, generally case fan screws are made of aluminum and are soft, so a smaller phillips head can ruin the cross on the screw. Use a phillips head that is big enough or fits the screw prefectly so it does not ruin the cross. Also a lot of the case fans' I've installed, the screw holes aren't threaded, so you have to screw hard and hold the case fan in place firmly.

As for the rubber mounts, I used it at first but  one broke off a month later, so I don't recommend using it. Stick with the normal screws. The fan doesn't make enough vibration to make noise.

If this doesn't help, look up case fan installations on youtube. Good luck.


Thank nerodante. My problem was that the screws didnt seem to fit in the holes of the fan so I just ended up usig 2 screws and I think ruining the plastic for those 2 sides since it didnt seem like the screws would work for that fan. 

But now their installed, fairly, so thanks for the help. 

But now their installed, barely, so thanks for the help. 

That's how it is normally. It isn't that the screws don't fit, it's that the holes aren't threaded so you have to "ruin the plastic" so to speak. Glad I could help.