Urgent backup needed

My system currently only has two drives which are a caviar black and some old HDD from my previous rig. I use the latter HDD for media as it is slow and really small but it recently started clicking, I was gonna backup on my external drive but that died as well (Coincidence or something went wrong?). Today I was checking how dirty my system is to buy enough pressurized air and I ended up unplugging the sata from the HDD, when I plugged it back in it wasnt recognized, I plugged and unplugged again and the drive only appeared in my bios but not in windows. I tried another power connector from the PSU and it magically worked. I'm sure my power supply isn't faulty so I guess it was the reboot and not I need a quick backup idea that doesn't require me to buy a new drive.

I wanna backup about 91 gigs and at least 20 gigs (the minimum is my music collection) and my other drive only has 18 gigs left and I can't remove that much data from it so I really need ideas here people. Thanks!

tl;dr Need quick backup of at least 20 gigs because HDD is dying

In command prompt type powercfg -h off to clear your hibernation file. This should free up at least a few gigs. Copy your music over then open command prompt again and type powercfg -h on

Edit: Sorry, realised that I typed / instead of -

I thought of that, but my boot times are already terrible so I need the hibernation file as I always use it.