UPS that doesn't make a lot of noise

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I am not a UPS expert, at most a casual. At my office, we have the small UPSes that will allow us to save our work if the power fails. We aren’t even in computers much anyways, so it isn’t mission critical unless we are doing regulatory paperwork at the last minute. And the power doesn’t go out that often. Until recently.

While we are fine at work, I would like to get a UPS for my home. What I don’t want is a UPS that beeps loud frombthe second the power goes out, until the battery is drained. A beep when the power goes out is fine. But at home, I know when the power is out. Are there certain brands that can be programmed or have quieter features? In my searching online I haven’t been able to find anthing in particular about the noises made.

APC is a good brand. Go for one with an LCD on it. The older flat style ones will beep loudly but the stand up APCs can be muted.


Idk your power needs but for just a couple PCs this will be a good option.

APC UPS Battery Backup & Surge Protector with AVR, 850VA, APC Back-UPS Pro (BX850M)

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Super cool. Thanks for the help. I will look into this promptly. We have APC at work, but they are the older flat style.

i remove beepers from older ups’s i have converted to surge protectors cause i want all the power jacks. its not hard

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I presume they would smooth out power delivery too, if the supply is jittery/noisy

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Only if it is a line interactive ups.


I currently have APC and Eaton UPS devices and like the Eaton better so far. But I never had to replace a battery yet.

I don’t think I can turn off the beeps, will check.

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Are line interactive UPSs the variety that make noise every few to 30 seconds until they are out of backup power?

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