Uploads failing on older browsers

Whatever Discourse changed has broken file uploads on the site on older browsers. As soon as the upload finishes, tons of Javascript errors come up and the upload never finishes.

update your browsers then maybe?


Please specify OP.

Do you mean, unpatched/older versions of the common browsers (Chrome, Edge, Safari, FireFox) or do you mean uncommon/obscure browsers?

Additionally, please supply a list of such browsers having the issue with the version string.

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Waterfox Classic, all versions. Apparently is having trouble with ReferenceError: queueMicrotask is not defined

It previously worked fine.

Then at first glance it looks like Discourse is using an API that Waterfox does not implement.

Absolutely confirmed it’s a Waterfox Classic issue by going to Firefox ESR 78.15. No problems on ESR.

With the lack of responses, I assume this will NEVER be fixed.

If it’s actually Discourse, submit a bug report to them instead.

Did anyone else raise a bug report? I don’t see one one their github.

If any other users are experiencing the same problem, might help them too