Upload Regret?

Have you guys ever uploaded a video and immediately regretted it? If you could un-upload a video, which would it be, and why?


Slam Dunk Dederick



5up3r h4x0r b4LL 1S 1YF3 

When i was like 10 years old, i made a cringy video with my new camera. I got it for my birthday - it was my biggest wish. The video was poorly acted and written short movie about some kind of gangsters. I uploaded it on youtube, which wasn't the best idea. Fortunately, people didn't knew, how to download flash videos back then and i managed to "un-upload" it. Now, i possess the only copy of this horrid masterpiece.

Few years later, i made even worse machinima video about love. I had to incinerate the dvd which i had it saved on, it was so bad ... i regret making it.

One time I decided to sing/scream the song 'Hey John, What's Your Name Again?' by The Devil Wears Prada and record it but also have both of my earphones in so that I couldn't hear what I sounded like until i'd finished. I never uploaded it but my friends saw it. I've never sang properly since and I think my depression at the time got worse, all coz of that video ahahahahaha.

this video. its horrible. But its not like, terrible enough to bother taking it down. Neither my voice nor my face is in it, its just gameplay.


but the quality is bad and I am bad, and theres a reason there is no part 2 lol.

I need to take down a lot of my early videos because they are just bad.

I don't think I've posted any videos that i regret, but I do know some pictures I regret...