Uplifting/Progressive/Vocal Trance with Acoustic/Electric Guitar

Any suggestions?

Infected Mushroom incorporate acoustic and heavy electric guitar into some of their songs. They're considered psytrance soo...

Good examples are Becoming Insane and Poquito Mas for acoustic and a lot of their songs have electric so I'm not going to bother to name any off the top of my head in case I'm wrong :p I think End of the Road deserves a mention cause I just love the bluesy riff :p

Becoming Insane:


Poquito Mas:


End of the Road:


I ment like songs like this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_mxR0jH4BEI&list=FLO2mBwsIiwXpJHz0pM7pS8Q

Oh ok my bad :)