So ive currently got and i5 3570K and a Galaxy GTX 670 4GB GC Edition. My Mobo is an Asus P8z77-V-Deluxe.  Im wondering if i should upgrade to a 680, or get a second 670 for the best performance increase.  I can play pretty much anything maxed out, but i want to run nvidia surround.

a second 670 will destroy a single 680

but there are sometimes problems with sli/crossfire solutions, like sometimes games won't use the 2nd gpu. Those are usually driver issues that have been fixed since the release of the card. But for the most part dual 670s will work amazing.

But if i was over flowing with money, like you seem to be :P, i would throw  some money at pimping my case with colored fans and other stuff

i would actually gun for the titan if nvidia surround is what your out to achieve just cause of the 6gb video memory, otherwise the extra 670 is the way to go

I would vuoch for the titan aswell, because single gpu.

but it may be out of his budget. we don't know.

Hey OP! What are you looking to spend?

yeah it really is a wallet stinger right now

Getting a second 670 is a much better choice than getting a single 680. That being said, if you are maxing out all of your games, a second 670 isn't required.

Since you have abot $400 to spend, I recommend upgrading other parts of the system. I would get a larger SSD, case fans, cable sleeving, and possibly a better heatsink, depending on your current one. I just ordered some cable sleeving from MDPC-X. I highly recommend Nils' products (he runs MDPC-X); it is a one-man operation, and he makes the best stuff available. A full sleeving job (including tools) is about $100 when you get your sleeve from Nils. If you decide to sleeve, make sure to order your tools and crimps from Lutr0Customs; the prices are much more reasonable for literally the same product.

As for case fans, I recommend Corsair AF140mm fans and AF120mm fans for style, but Noctua NF A14 140mm fans and NF F12 120mm fans. For heatsinks, the same Notcua fans are the best, but if you want style, then Corsair SP120mm fans are great.

You might also consider watercooling; for $400, you could watercool your current GPU and CPU and overclock like crazy :) EK, XSPC, Koolance, and Swiftech are the go-to brands brands for CPU heatsinks, and EK and HeatKiller are the go-to brands for GPU waterblocks. Watercooling is both aesthetically pleasing and performance increasing.

Basically, don't go for a 680. Either watercool, get a second 670, cable sleeve, get better fans, whatever; just don't get a 680.

my budget is proably around $400 at the moment, so based on what you guys are telling me, i think ill wait and get a titan because ive got the majority of my cables sleeved and already have watercooling

Also, im looking to get a new case, as my LANboy has terrible cable management, so what would you guys recommend for a ATX case with room for a bunch of 120mm fans? I would prefer a Mid tower due to space constraints