Upgrading your motherboard

Hey RTW! I have a new job building and upgrading PC's and I was wondering what can I expect when I upgrade someones motherboard? I have never done this before and I am wondering how I am going to do it. if someone could give me a play by play of what to expect then that would be awesome.

Thank you!

Well your going to have to match their current parts. (CPU, RAM, and GPU) Unless they play on upgrading everything.

lol its really not a big deal if you stay grounded.

Just think of it as installing a motherboard but in reverse

and then actually installing a motherboard lol

Just make sure not to recommend the wrong parts to someone and you'll do fine.


Geek squad=fail. They dont know crap about computers most of the time. They just read the damn label under the price tag whenever someone asks a question. I guarantee you, like 50%+ of the members here are smarter than most Geek squad people.

i would never trust my pc in their skilless hands. i dont think iv ever ran into anyone at best buy who knows what they are talking about. one of the guys didnt know what linux was.


My dad had geek squad install his wireless router.

They charged him $100.



What? $100 that was pretty expensive for installing a router.

You should have installed it yourself Haru + $100 into you pocket.

lol that was the point of the post.

I was on vacation, That why i didnt do it myself.

Plus, I hate my parents.


[email protected] $100 for INSTALLING A ROUTER. i swear if i got $100 for each time i had to reformat and reinstall everything, including the router for my parents, i'd have a NICE ASS COMPUTER RIGHT ABOUT NOW.

lol sameeee

they probably get shit for pay though.


Lol, I ripped my parents off for my generic korean brand 8600 GT. Then again, the guy who sold it to me ripped me off. But whatever. New Years money is the best thing about being asian during New Years. Lol. But yeah. Got like a hundred fifty bucks out of that 8600 =]. And my mom handed me a twenty for hooking up the TV as a monitor for our HTPC...yeah...idk. Anyways. Im gonna go sleep. Night RTW.

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My computer is so fucking loud its like having a jet exhaust next to my face.

I can hear it over hl2 max volume.

rooooooooooofl damn that's loud. maybe i won't get a case with that many fans o_o? maybe just the nzxt apollo or something cheap-ish, but nice to look at.

all of these post are pretty useless to what I need to know, really offtopic, instead of remaking this thread can I have some actually helpfull responses

first off,

1. if you got a job doing this you probably get payed close to nothing because ive never heard of a job like that.

2. dissconnect all the power supply cables from the mobo,

3. take out any components you want like vid card and cpu, clean the cpu with alchohal

4. take out motherboard. replace motherboard with new one.

5. the end.

i only have 2 120 mm fans D:

lol they are running at like....2500 rpm though...