Upgrading to a AMD FX-8320

Hey TekForum,

So I currently have a AMD FX 4100 paired with a new Gigabyte R9 280X and the CPU is bottlenecking the GPU and I'm in the process of upgrading it to a FX 8320. I have a Corsair CX600M PSU and I'm not to sure if it would power this set-up or if I would need to upgrade the PSU again. I recently got the CX600M but didn't really think that my R9 280X would get bottlenecked.


Any help is appreciated

You are fine with 600w's its the motherboard i'd be more concerned about you realy do need a reasonable mobo with a heatsinked power phase 6+2/8+2 for octo core cpus.

Well, I have that CX600 and it powers my system just fine. I have a 280x and an i5-2500k OC'ed. Though it seems the 8320 takes 20-30w more power when OC'ed. However I think you would be okay because my computer has quite alot of other stuff in it like HDDs etc.

The 8320 draws about 194 watts max in turbo mode. Mine is overcloked at 4.2 and I have a 7870 + planning to add another 7870. and my 650w psu  does really well.I'll probably run into issues when I add the second GPU. I'll just limit the games to 60fps and I should be fine until I get a 800-850w psu

Where is the bottlenecking occuring? Is it with specific programs? gaming? mining maybe?

Post you motherboard and RAM specs. The 4100 really sucks. Even a 4350 will result in dramatic gaming increase. An 8320 will really be great, although  I would get the 8350 if you want to go crazy overclocking. Similarly, I would keep your current power supply, unless you want to overclock. 

Do keep in mind that other componenets matter, a lot.


PSU is fine.

What you really need to watch out for is your motherboard.  What model motherboard?

My motherboard is a Gigabyte 78LMT-USB3