Upgrading Pre-Build PC

I need some help with upgrading my Pre-Build PC.

At the moment i don't have enough money to buy a good pc so i came up with the idea to upgrade my pc.

I currently have a Packerd Bell Imedia D2300.


  • Pentium Dual Core E2180 2.0 GHz
  • 3 GB DDR2 (667 mhz)
  • a cheap mobo MCP73VT-PM (it has a PCIe x16 slot) 
  • a cheap 250 watt psu (FSP25-60HEN)
With this system, minecraft is not even playable, so i was planning to add a graphics card. But i read on the internet that i might need a new PSU.
What GPU and PSU do you guys recommend for me??
It would be nice if i could use the psu for a more serieus gaming rig. For the GPU, i am not planning on using it in a serieus gaming rig so i would be good enough for me if the GPu was for under $50



Anything under this really wouldn't be much of a difference from your intel graphics imo.

This power supply is super well priced and'll be grand.


Well, my father has a card that is similar to this one and his performance are a lot better

Which is why I suggest it? Or what are you saying?

Oh, i am sorry.

It looked like you said that upgrading isn't going to give much better performance.


my mistake. thanks for the advice

I think a 7750 would be a better upgrade if you have the money for it. Most graphics card in the lower price range arent as cost effective and right now you also get Far Cry 3 with it. If you cant afford that card the 6670 is a better bang for your buck than the GT 630. Nvdia cards arent really the best in the value range.

As far as the PSU goes the CX 430 is the best value power supply in my opinion.

Well, i live in the Netherlands and i dont like shipping my purchases. And i am not planning on using the GPU for the gaming build i am going to do when i have the money. 

if you are going to buy a psu and a gpu why not throw in a new mobo, cpu and ram so you can build your self a new pc you could be able to reuse some parts from your old comp, like hdd and optical drives.

haha. i would love to but i don't have the money. That why i want my psu to be future proof

The 6670 isn't that great lol. It's just made out as a good card because it's good for hybrid crossfiring.

A "7660" and 6670 can play BF at 720p at about 38ish FPS.

That's crossfired. It's not a shitty card by any means, just not as great as ya' think haha. That's why I went with the 630 :P. I just figured why not get a current/more efficient card. 


To OP: If you're trying to bring the stuff to a new PC..the PSU won't be enough, and the gpu won't really work out if it's a gaming pc. I forget I didn't read it well.

Stay the hell away from Corsair CX power supplies; non-modular, cheap construction, and prone to failure. I would spring the extra money for a SeaSonic G Series 550W 80+ Gold modular PSU. For $80, you are getting a much, much more efficient PSU, with fully modular cables, and very high levels of construction. Never skimp out on the PSU; go with a reputable brand, like Corsair or SeaSonic, but don't get their lowest-end product that is going to crap out on you.