Upgrading old pc for dev

Sure, the performance boost would be great but it would add more cost and still require a dedicated GPU, as the Ryzen CPUs don’t have an iGPU. The 2700 would cost almost as much as the first listed build alone.

I think you missed the point that i was asking a rhetorical question :slight_smile:

The initial build options are fairly low-cost, hinting at a limited budget. If we’re talking rhetorical performance boosts then price should still be taken into account. If the budget is ~$450 (~$150 GPU + ~$300 for the rest), then a $250 CPU doesn’t fit the budget. And you don’t want to cheap out on the PSU (someone I know did that recently against my advice and now the PSU is dead…and still needs to see if it damaged any other parts while shitting the bed).

Ok let me make it clear:

that was the rhetorical question. i.e., i was illustrating that there was a budget that should be stuck to, and that if you’re going to go blowing money on GPUs not in budget, then why stop at a 2600 for the CPU?

i.e., i agree, the 2700 was out of budget. just like a 1050ti (or even a 1060 as suggested by some) + 2600.

if you didn’t read my earlier previous posts above, i was in fact attempting to curtail the budget blow-outs…

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Yeah, and the 1030 is not worth buying. A 2400G makes more sense, even though it has 2 core less than the 2600 but it’s overall cheaper and allows for a graphics upgrade in the future without spending the budget now on a crap GPU. But the mention of graphics issues with the APU under linux is concerning and would justify getting a cheap dedicated GPU instead.

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Another thing to consider is the state of Raven Ridge on Linux, but I think that’s mostly an issue with laptop CPUs since some said the R5 2400G works just fine.