Upgrading my trusty old GPU

My current graphics card, GTX 275, while still capable of running most games is starting to show its age and I'm thus thinking of upgrading. My current thought is the GTX 750Ti.

Would it be worthwhile to do that? I'm never quite sure whether I should wait or just buy now.

Any suggestions would be appreciated as well, however, the rough price range of the 750Ti should be kept in mind, (sorry, but helping me find a good deal won't help much unless it's in South Africa) so about 50 USD up or down.

What kind of games do you play? What kind of games do you want to play? And what website do you shop for parts in South Africa or do you use amazon?


This is what I would go with. This Sapphire AMD R9 270X has GTX760 performance at a GTX750ti price. Can't beat the price to performance ratio of this 270X .


Ok, so here's where My choices lie:

GTX 960 : R3380 ($282)



GTX760 : R3500 ($292)


The prices are negligibly different, but I've had people shouting at me from both sides of this argument, so I want to hear both sides from here as well!

  oh, for comparison on the prices, here's an R9 270X : R2440 ($203)

((Edit) sorry, just realised that's a 270 not a 270x)


Though the R9 280x is probably closer to that performance : R3420 ($285)


also GTX750Ti : R2270 ($189)


No, I'm not picky about brand at all, the price is most important.

(The prices should just be a rough guide as to the difference in value between the cards here. Also, all prices have VAT included)


Oh, yes I'm guilty of being a bit of an Nvidia fan boy. Not a lot, just a bit. I just prefer them for no apparent reason.


Also found this R9 280x : R2899 ($242)

but it's refurbished...


Never had a refurbished card, not sure if I'd trust it

(Yet another Edit/Addition)

this R9 270x : R2400 ($200)