Upgrading my proccesor

i want to upgrade my amd athlong ll x4 640  3.0 ghz quad core proccesor. for under 200$ for gaming like crysis and black ops 2 etc  idk wat to get i only found one that seems good to get AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition Quad Core Processor AM3 3.4GHZ 8MB Cache 125W 45NM if anyone gots any suggestions that would be great

personally i wouldn't bother upgrading that its not that much of a jump

your athlon will handle games quite well... you just need a gfx card

yes upgrade you graphics card and make sure you have atleast 8gb of ram

Make sure your PSU can handle any upgrades before you buy them.

i have a 750 w GX psu

says my memory is 4096MBytes so i need more

and a note i cant run alot of games on max it lags out on single players games a bit so i was trying to figuire out how to make it stop that but when i play alot of online games its fine so idk 

many times depending on the games you play online, they tend to be more cpu dependent, so I would go ahead and see if your 750w psu can handle the gfx card upgrade before you do it and an obvious is to get at least 8gb of ram. What graphics card do you have?

hd raedon 5770 is my graphics card

I have always like the hex core Phenom II. You can pick up a 1090t for around $80 to $100 second hand on eBay. The 1090t runs real sweet at a conservative 4GHz 24/7 stable. Churns some hard numbers with performance comprable to the first gen Intel i7's. Modern games like cores and the 1090t has six strong ones, with good single core performance.


As for CoD BOII that will run well on a poket calculator! Anything that might be called a "gaming" gard from the last three years will play it well. I like the X770 cards from AMD the 5,6 or 7 don't cost the earth but play games real well. You can get a 5770 on ebay for between $50 and $100 second hand. Nice low power requirement for the card too. So if your lucky for $200 you could get the card and the CPU. You will be fragging your buddies in no time at over 90fps True you are going to struggle a bit with some more modern games but what the heck it cost $200 bucks...

Bugger he posts while I type...

get a 7790 or 7870 insted of the graphics card

ok so i should stick with my proccesor and get more ram and get a new graphics card