Upgrading my previous budget build

built this rig over the course of last year (student funds didn't allow me to just buy it all so i gathered parts over the year... Big mistake).   I'll just say however when it comes to Computer hardware i'm not the best person in the game.

CPU-AMD FX 6300 Black edition  CPU cooler- Hyper 212 EVO

Mobo- MSI 970A-G46 ATX  AM3+ Mobo   RAM-Corsair Vengeance 16GB DDR3-1866 Memory 

GPU - MSI Radeon 7970 Twin Frozr edition

SSD-Kingston HyperX 3K 120GB   HDD- 500gb  (not a Games hoarder. I don't need a lot of HDD space)

PSU-Corsair Builder 600W 80 PLUS Certified   Case- Zalman Z11

It's done me well for the past year, However It needs a change up. Firstly I was looking to swap the guts into a NZXT S340 mainly because I think the wire management in the Z11 is poor and so is the airflow... also it looks tacky. It's also a massive dust trap. 

My main problem however (so i've been told) is the Mobo, I was going to OC the CPU until i was told that my Mobo would not be able to hold any decent OC. So I was looking at swapping the Mobo out with a Asus M5A99X EVO R2.0 and stick a Corsair H55 on there.

What I was hoping to find out from you guys is would any of this highly benefit me. Obviously what could i look at pushing the FX-6300 to at stable conditions so on so forth. I think the biggest difference however will be the cooling for me. When running Skyrim with quite a few texture mods (probably the first real test the GPU has had) because of the terrible cooling I've got It just got so hot (high 80's to low 90's) that I didn't even risk playing the game. although the FPS remained fine whilst playing, I'd like to be able to get a bit more out of the card but i just wouldn't feel safe overclocking the card in my current predicament.


Any and ALL feedback would be great thanks

Definitely swap the mobo. You should be able to get by with that GPU, but if it's running around 80-90 degrees don't try over clocking it. In terms of cpu cooling, go for a Noctua cooler, otherwise an H105 would be a better option.

I'm still on a tight budget and the H105 is almost double the price, would a Noctua cooler be fine to run on that Mobo, my Hyper Evo actually touches the ram on my Mobo. Normally my gpu runs at about high 40's low 50's but i think that would drop if i had better cooling the case... because most of the fans are just pathetic Zalman fans that aren't even connected to the mobo by a 4pin i believe they are molex adapters. so obviously they don't speed up when it's getting hotter


It would do just fine.