Upgrading my peripherals

Hi everyone, 

There is a possibility that I could get a job at shop selling computer components in the near future and I am looking to spend some money on upgrading my peripherals without going over the top. The first thing I want to look for is a mouse, no initial preference except I would like some programmable keys excluding ones to change the DPI and go forward and back when browsing. My budget is £35, around $60. If anyone has any good recommendations then please let me know.

Also, predominant usage will be everyday browsing, etc and gaming.


This is my favorite, unfortunately you have to get the MW3 version to get close to your budget... Funny that it's cheaper than the plain one.  Also on amazon.co.uk they want considerably more for this, so I'm not sure if it totally works.

I recommend staying wired, basically don't need to ever worry about it, wireless mice are a hassle.


For £35 there's nothing better than Logitech G400. Not so many buttons though. But for a decent mouse to be worth it you also need a good mousepad which is at least another £10.

I already have a mousepad from before which saves me a bit of trouble. If there are only limited options is it worth investing an extra £5-10?


Is this worth it? I can find it for £40 maybe cheaper?

edit: I found it for £34 on Amazon?