Upgrading my PC

I wanted to get into gaming so I went to a Memory Express (I live in Canada) to get one built. It has served me well this far but I haven't really used it much as I had hoped after noticing the performance I got wasn't up to par with my expectations. I really want to get into the PC gaming community so I want to either build a completely new PC or upgrade my existing one.

My total budget right now is around $2000 CAD but I'm flexible and can go up. I'm looking to get at least 60 FPS on Ultra settings and I have no preferences at all on manufacturers or retailers. 

My current set up is featured here http://pcpartpicker.com/p/1P58J. 

Thanks for any suggestions.

You already have a very good setup. You shouldn't be needing to upgrade anything at this point. 

What I would recommend is adding a 2nd 7950 graphics card and run them in crossfire. That will give you a really nice boost in performance for very little cost. 7950's are still very powerful GPU's and because of the new AMD GPU's being released, you can find these for around $200 or less.

Maybe Its because I just don't have the know how on how to optimize it for gaming but my fps on games like The Witcher 2 are usually in the low 30's dipping down to mid 20's quite often. That's the reason I thought an upgrade might be a good idea.

Instead of getting a second 7950, would it be a better idea to get a 7990? Every time I do some research about crossfire or sli I always see some sort of fear mongering about those options and to always just get a more powerful single gpu. 

The reason I would suggest adding a 2nd card to someone who already has one very good card is purely from a price to performance stand point. I agree single more powerful GPU is better than 2 less powerful cards, but for a fraction of the cost you can have better performance.

I can't speak for frame rates in that particular game as I've never played it on my system. But I do have an i5-4570 and 7950 and so far it runs any game I throw at it at 1080p and ultra settings, no problem. BF4 beta sits at 50+ average and dips into the 40's when things get hectic with 64 players.

Have you tried running other games? If so, what are they and how do they run? 

Maybe, what resolution are you gaming at?  That will bring even a 7990 down.

I just ran a benchmark in GTA4 (only game I have installed at the moment) and my average FPS was 38. I have only played GTA4, Borderlands 1 and 2, Batman Arkham City, Hitman: Absolution, The Witcher 1 and 2 and X3 Terran Conflict. I get decent FPS in the older games but with Borderlands 2, Batman and Withcer 2 I'm lucky to average high 20's.

1920x1080 but I'm looking into getting a 2560x1600 monitor

Dude you have a really good set-up you should easily be getting more than 30fps in most games

Some games have settings that will cut your fps in pieces while giving you only a very small advantage. Turn down Übersampling in witcher 2 and youll pretty much get 60 fps.

The Physx in Batman and Borderlands will only be accelerated on the GPU with Nvidia cards (Game devs get moneys for using physx, Nvidia disables/doesnt support the acceleration for the competetor), so it runs on your CPU instead and obliterates your framerate. Turn it down and youll get nice fps.