Upgrading my PC (advice please)

About a 1 - 2 years ago i build my first pc (woo) I use if for the Adobe Suite and also more recently i've moved to pc gaming.

I've always been fine running games on ultra but recently with games like Farcry 3 & Crysis 3 I've had to run them just on High because otherwise I see slight stutters in the frame rate.

I have an...

• Asus Sabertooth P67 Rev B Motherboard

• Intel Core i5 2500k unlocked (overclocked to 4.3Ghz)

• GTX 560Ti

• 8GB DDR3 1600MHz RAM (2x4GB)

what would you guys recommend I look at upgrading to make everything run smoother (so as to get the most improvement for my money) i havent got a particular budget but im not looking to build a super computer... not yet :)

Also I have my CPU watercooled by the Corsair H80 and just out of curiosity i was wondering if there was a 3rd party way of cooling a GPU? 


Thanks in Advance!


i would say RAM get another 8gig kit and gpu like a 660 depending on you budget also an ssd would be good

Your cpu and mobo wouldnt be causing any slow down issues. I would reccomend oc'ing your RAM to 1866 and upgrading your gpu to a 660ti. For aout $299 you get solid keplar architecture and performance equivilant to that of a 580. But, as for needing more ram, 8 gb is honestly enough to run either Far Cry or Crysis

There are aftermarket GPU coolers, but they aren't worth it. Instead of spending $140 on a huge ass fan that slides over your GPU, you could put that money towards a new GPU and/or a custom watercooling loop. I recommend either overclocking your RAM to 1866 or buying some 1866 memory; you can find a 4x4GB kit for pretty cheap. I recommend getting a 7950 instead of a 660ti - much better performance for the money.

uh guys hes using the Adobe SUITE not just photoshop (which openCL runs just fine with photshop, even logan said so) otherwise i would have recomended an AMD, so cuda is a must. also once again 8 gigs is not enough with the adobe suite. gamming yes 8 gigs is fine, but hes not just gamming. and yes ocing his ram is good idea if he does not want to dish out the cash for the faster stuff.