Upgrading my old PC but I need help!

Hello everyone. First time poster here.


I am from the UK and am a amateur when it comes to PC components. Now I only learned how to build a PC about a year ago. Am still learning about the ins and outs of a computer and its part of the reason why I watch the tek and read up on these forums. 


So anyhow last year I built a extremely cheap desktop.

500gb hard drive

4gb RAM

cheap ass motherboard

Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600

9800gt (now a ATI 6670)

OCZ Bronze 750watt PSU (nearly installed).


So as you can see my CPU is pretty old now. So I want to update that. Now I admit it am more of a console gamer but DayZ caught my eye and now has me addicted. I play Crysis and RTS games like Age Of Empires 3 and now I would like to start getting the latest games for the PC instead of my PS3.


I don't have a lot of money at the moment so I am going to buy a new part every month starting with the CPU. So all I need is a new CPU/RAM and motherboard. At the moment I have £150 but I can try and stretch that a little bit. The £150 is just for the CPU. Then once I get the CPU I will then move on and buy the motherboard ect. So I have a target of November (when Hitman comes out) to have a new CPU/Motherboard/RAM.


Ok so am not sure what CPU to get. Am not interested in overclocking and I would like to get something that would last me about 3 years then if I need to I can simply buy a better CPU like go from a i5 to i7 or something like that.


So I have been looking at CPU's and the AMD Bulldozer series caught my attention. Like CCL COmputers are selling the FX-6100 Black Edition Six Core for £83 or the FX-4170 Quad Core for £92. But after a search on google pretty much everyone says get i5-2500k. Now this seems to be around my max at £160. But then some people say the 2500k its last gen and people should get IVY BRIDGE. So at the moment I am at a loss.


So what I am asking here from the good commuity here at the Tek Syndicate what CPU for £160 should I buy witch will enable me to play the latest games ( I don't care if I can't play on high settings ) and last me between 2-3 years. Then if I wanted to simply go and get a better CPU that is compatible with the same motherboard I can.




P.S I know playing at the highest setting is mostly down to the GPU. But at the moment I am happy with the 6670 I know its a budget card but it will do me until the start of the new year. I will then go and buy a hight end GPU.

Well this is what you can do, if you don't want to upgrade your GPU and use that cash for other stuff, you could just buy a AMD APU. You can use the GPU on the CPU and the GPU itself and crossfire them, resulting in better framerates. But if your going to upgrade your GPU than the GPU on the APU would shut itself off.


Or if you really want to upgrade your GPU than just go with a 6100, people say it gets the job done with gaming.

AMD cashback thing: https://www.amd-promotions.com/processors/uk/index.asp

I would help you man but I have litte experence with over seas retailers, even if I could get you the cheapest solution no way I'd know the credibilty or quality

Thanks for the info people. As I said in my OP am still learning about some PC components and CPU's are the main component am having trouble understanding.


For example. Ebuyer.com here in the UK is a big online retailer for computer components. I had a look at there selection of Ivy Bridge CPU's and this is what they have.


i5-3450 3.1GHz £146

i5-3470 3.2GHz £148

i5-3450S 2.8Ghz £150

i5- 3470S 2.9GHz £151

i5-3550 3.3GHz £158

i5-3570 3.40GHz £164

i5-3570k 3.40GHz £178


All of them are Quad Core. From what I understand the higher the GHz the better? So would a i5-3570 be ok for gaming? I have had a look on google and some websites seems to think so. Now I have another question. What is the difference between the i5-3570 and the i5- 3570k? There both 3.4GHz. The only thing I can see is the 3570 has a Intel HD 2500 and the 3570k has a Intel HD 4000. But is there a difference in this since I will be using a dedicated graphics card? I will be using the 6670 for a few months then get a high end graphics card?



Both 2500k and 3570k will do the job (3570k is roughly 10% faster clock for clock), the k at the end of the processor model number means that it has an unlocked multiplier which will let you overclock the processor more than one without a k would.

If you aren't looking to overclock you can go for 3570. Though I would suggest you get a better graphics card first as you will see an improvement immediatly - don't get me wrong, a new CPU will help, though not as much.

6870 is a great card and is pretty cheap now, so it's great value and would be a huge improvement over 6670.


I know you're on a budget and this is the stuff that I would get if I were you:


http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/130744667907?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649#ht_1116wt_1139 - grab it as soon as possible as you won't find this cheaper anywhere, it's very cheap compared to what it would be on eBuyer or Amazon.



And finally, is your RAM DDR3? If not, just get whatever's cheap.

@Blue thanks for the suggestion's and the links. That motherboard is cheap thanks for the that. As I have mentioned I am getting a new graphics card but I just want to get the CPU/Motherboard at the moment then come Christmas/January I will be getting a new GPU. My RAM is DDR3 and I see it will work with that motherboard so that has saved me some money thanks for that.

Am going to give it a few days then decide what CPU am going to get. At the moment am thinking 3570 as I can't see my self overclocking (I have never done it before). Or I might pay the extra £12 and get the 3570k in case I do look into the Overclocking business sometime down the line. The 2500k and the 3570k are pretty much the same price. 

I have the p8z77 v lx and the 3570k and I can honestly say it is brilliant. As for not wanting the K version as you have no experience overclocking, I would advise you DO get the K version. The main reason being with the new mobos there is a windows utility that comes on a disc with the mobos that makes it super easy to do (especially up to 4.6ghz), i.e you slide a couple of bars and its done and im guessing as you have the comprehension to build the computer, this wont be too much of a stretch. so with a decent cooler you can extend the time the cpu will be able to keep up with newer more demanding apps programs and games by at least a year or more. What I am saying is it would be silly to spend £10 less on a cpu you cant overclock when really you can get so much more value out of the oc one. I dont actually run my cpu overclocked atm because i dont need to yet, but as it gets older it is really easy to just increase the speed, maybe to 4.0ghz at first, then 4.4 ect.

If you are lanning on buying the cpu this month, then the mobo next, then the ram ect, i suggest you just wait untill you have the money and get something like the one i got here (notice the cooler is already installed and its even been set up as oc'ed (all you do is change it default speed setting to take it off oc untill your ready for the speed bump) i actually got the 16gb one fore £40 more but there is also an 8gb too which is excellent value and they are highly recommended.

To conclude, wait 3 months, save up for this and you wont be sorry, it will last you 3 years easy.