Upgrading my Gaming PC (solved)

Hi everyone!! This is my first time posting on the forums. Don't be so hard on me ^^

Anyway, as you can see in the subject I need advice cause I want to upgrade my current rig. My current rig is I think an 8 year old xfx 790i with a core 2 quad q9400 oc'd at 3.7 ghz, I have 8 gigs of ddr3 RAM @ 1866mhz and a gtx 760.  This rig is still ok for the types of games I play on it, in my opinion, but my computer is just too bulky and due to my current situation with my job I need a smaller rig. I travel a lot and I want to carry my computer around with me but I don't want the m-itx option because I want to be able to have more play in terms of expansion. So, I decided to build a micro ATX system.

I know its a "no brainer" to pick Intel simply because they have excellent micro ATX motherboards, but I really want to try the FX 8350 because of the price. My problem is finding good am3+ boards that will support FX CPU's out of the box. 

My questions are the following.

Are there any good am3+ micro-atx motherboards that you can suggest that will allow me to get a decent OC on the FX cpu?

How significant of a performance difference is there between a FX 8350 and a i5 4670k in purely gaming situations?

Will it be smart to pick fm2+ platform instead if I really want to go AMD?


I will be getting a r9 290x soon from the mail. I bought it off ebay for 265 bucks but I still don't know if it works (yes, I know it was most likely used 24/7 for a few months for coin mining). I have my fingers crossed right now. ^^

In terms of gaming, the 4670k is better than the AMD 8350 in every way, but it is more expensive. Another option is a xeon processor. The Xeon 1230v3 is better than an overclocked 8350 and costs more, but uses less power and you don't need to buy an overclocking motherboard and cooler so it saves money. It also has 8 threads like the 8350.

Here are a few build ideas that come to mind with different CPU options.

AMD option: Not plausible if you want to overclock... but here is the best option (which I would not recommend.)

http://pcpartpicker.com/p/GdgDkL - I am assuming you have a decent cooler.. otherwise you will need to add that to the cost.

This is the best that I could find available... and I wouldn't touch it with a 10' stick.


http://pcpartpicker.com/p/X2ppzy - again.. may have to add in a price for a cooler

xeon 1230v3 - http://pcpartpicker.com/p/Z9fjBm - doesnt need a cooler and handles 8 threads faster than the 8350

**The case is a really nice one and should be able to handle your PSU and drives confortably. It also has a LOT of room for a cooler. You can fit a noctua NH-D14 in it. I would recommend getting a 200mm fan for the front also for quiet and efficient air flow.


I was thinking about that xeon part, but I really want to overclock cause I already have a Coolermaster Nepton 280l cooling my current cpu. I already have these 3 cases in mind for the sole purpose of fitting that rad in there: (arranged according to my preference)

aerocool Dead Silence Cube 

Xigmatek Aquila ( which I see you have suggested too)

Corsair obsidian 350d

I see your point in the picking the 4690k too since there is really not much difference in terms of price of the 4670k.

Thank you for the suggestions.

For a follow up question. If I do choose to go standard ATX with the AMD. Are there other options for a small case that can fit all my stuff other than a Lian Li PC-A51?

Thats a bs amd option and its all done to make your intel look better. While i respect the intel offerings your presentation is bias. That is a terrible amd build. Snoop around the forums.

Can you suggest other motherboards sir? ^^

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813128651 or http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813130790&cm_re=msi_970-_-13-130-790-_-Product this is brandnew so a unknown. both mb's have better powerphases for running 8 cores. You do need to change your form factor case wise tho. they should run a 8350 at stock. If you need a small form factor intel is the only way to go. Amd really has no options that are decent in that for factor.

The whole purpose is micro ATX... please make sure you read the entire first post before you blame me of stacking the choices.

There are good ATX motherboards for AMD, but micro-ATX is not a viable option right now, which is what I said.

I think AMD is a great choice for enthusiasts on a budget. People who want to overclock and tweak, but the FX line is aging and the newer intel chips perform better than the AMD + cooler + overclocking motherboard.

you can get a reliable B85 motherboard with USB 3, intel nic and etc for less than $70 and drop in a xeon at the high end to beat out an 8350, or an i3-4150 on the low end to beat out AMD's current quad cores.

You have to get fairly high overclocks to beat these intel chips, which means better motherboards and better coolers. The intel chips also use less power as a bonus.

AMD's current line was meant to compete with intels core ix-3xxx series.. the 4th generation simply out perform them.

I have said in other threads, I have owned more AMD than intels and I like both, but right now intel has the advantage in price and performance when everything is considered.


speaking of 3rd gen intels, does it make sense going that route instead of 4th gen?

Not anymore, unless there's a very, very significant price difference.

I agree. If you already have a 3rd generation, there is not point in upgrading to the 4th generation, but if you got something much older, or a lower end processor, then get the 4th generation. There are some good improvements with memory management, power saving modes, and you get better performance per clock speed.

If it saves you a lot of money though.. the 3rd generation is still very good and really not very far behind the 4th generation intel chips.

Thank you very much guys I have decided to go the intel route as portability is really my desire. I chose to go with a 4690k paired with a z97 ROG gene board and the Aerocool DS-Cube case. I'm going to start building next week. ^^

congratz man. post back with pics! :D